The analysis, the many lessons, and interesting events described in this book are for the benefit and entertainment of every adult, whether they are depressed or not. 

As I was bringing light to the darkness of my mind through psychoanalysis in order to heal the symptoms I had, (phobias, headaches, body pain, depression, anxiety, PTSD), I discovered that the main work I had to do was to rescue and empower my inner self, my inner child. 

In that process, the Divine manifested to me, leading me to the implementation and creation of some healing techniques, such as:

  • Introspection, to get to know the unconscious mind.
  • Regressions, to reconstruct childhood traumas. 
  • Dream analysis shows us mental patters and forgotten past events so that we can heal and “repair” the unconscious mind from there, too. 
  • Introspective-Self-massage, for emotional and physical restoration.  
  • Learning to be at peace with family, nature and animals.
  • Non-thinking Meditation, in order to connect to a higher self and receive Divine guidance. 
  • Hobbies, to empower our best self, and find our life purpose.  
  • Keep our places tidy, which clears the mind and helps us relate with the best image of God.
  • Deciphering Universal Evolving Patterns-Symbols, helps developing a cosmic consciousness. 
  • Physical Exercise for optime physical health.
  • Making Mandalas, to tun up with the social realm. 

The intriguing way I happened to use and combine these techniques is explained in this book. You will have the privilege to know the shortcuts to the healing or evolution of your best self.

Readers can submit their questions and benefit from the info shared in the Q&A in the Membership section. I’ll be glad to provide answers to your important questions.

If you would like a paper version of this book, which I highly recommend, please place your order here: PAPER BOOK


This is also the true story and analysis of how accessing my unconscious mind let me to find lucidity, reverse, and prevent further illness. How dance technique contributed to my sound health and personal development despite social and physical challenges. How Arrien’s tarot complemented the understanding of my internal nature, enabling me to align with the cosmos for my self-actualization. How l learned to avoid a bad landing with a hang glider while coping with my fear to heights. And how the Sun participated in the process of writing this book.

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